Surgery in Gurgaon

The ACL is the major ligaments in the knee and this surgery provides by the doctor to the sports person or players who want sudden recovery Basketball, football, volleyball, downhill skiing, gymnastics, and tennis players mostly using this treatment surgery for treating injury and Sparsh Orthopedics center has best surgeon for ACL surgery in gurgaon for performing ACL surgery. In ACL surgery, the damaged ligament is removed and is replaced with another part of the knee or from a deceased donor and is an outpatient procedure.

Fracture defines as breakage upper part of bone due to accident it is savory injury which required immediate medical treatment for cure the bone fracture. Avulsion fracture, the comminuted fracture, compression fracture, Greenstick fracture, hairline fracture, impacted fracture, longitudinal fracture, oblique fracture, stress fracture. Sparsh Orthopedics center has best doctor for fracture in gurgaon and they using immobilization techniques for treating bone fracture naturally.

Sciatica is identified with the nervous system of the human body and the sciatic nerve is the longest one. It is extended from the lower back or the hip portion up to the lower leg. This pain not always affects whole body part but might be it just affect the knee, hip and lower foot. Dr. Ankit Bhartia and his team is the best doctor for sciatica in gurgaon for performing this surgery effectively.

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