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Resuming sports or fitness

Things to keep in mind

Start slow

Adequate warm up and Cool Down

Increase gradually

Build on it

Go full on

We see numerous patients with various complaint specially after resuming fitness regime or sports after a break.

The break can be of any duration, the important thing to remember is that it becomes significant if its more than 2 weeks.

For the ease of understanding we will take Marathon running as an example.

Slow Start - The first day of resuming your work out should be a getting acquainted with the work-out again and enjoying the Start. Marathon runners can start with stretching and warm-up followed by a leisure walk of 30 minutes.

Adequate warm up and Cool-Down - The most important aspect of training to remain injury free. This should start right from day 1 with full vigor so that you can perform at your optimal in a very short duration of time.

Recover - as one starts training one starts exhausting too. Our body needs time to recover from exhaustion. Best approach is 2 days of work-out 1 day break and 3 day workout and 1 day break. This makes it 5 days of work-out and 2 days of rest. You body and mind is more prepared to tackle the stress and increase on workout post rest.

Increase Gradually - every day one can increase either the duration of the training or the intensity of the training. It should be a gradual increase. From leisure walk to brisk walk in weeks duration and jogging and running from week 2 or 3 depending on the progress.

Build On It - Increase gradually and continue to enjoy your run. Following this will come a phase in 4-8 weeks time where in you will feel more fit and athletic and then you can be more aggressive in increasing your limits.

Go Full On - Finally enjoy an injury free full marathon